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Let's party and get artsy!

Artsy's party packages include everything you need to host an amazing birthday party without lifting a finger! 

Your party package includes: a dedicated party host, all of the supplies needed to complete your chosen party theme.

Pizza, Ice Cream cake, kid-sized drinks, paper plates, napkins, etc... all available at an additional cost.

Parties are ninety minutes long at either studio... but we can also come to you as well!

You are welcome to come in 15 minutes early to add a few party decorations your party host will be there ready to help! 

Party Themes

We offer an awesome variety of party types. Please see the descriptions below. You will chose the party type while booking. We can also customize or upgrade all party types, combine party ideas, create the PERFECT party!

Our studios comfortably can host 30 kids in a party. 

We also offer the option to take the party to you (offsite) 6+ are drop off only.


Any questions, don't hesitate to call or text us 24/7 at (908) 328-5322

*Disregard booking software estimate. Your deposit and booking will lock in a time and date for the party. We will be in touch to discuss all details!


Paint Your Own Pottery Party

$320 or 12 guests (each additional $25) 

Selection from $25ish priced pottery pieces 

Professional Instruction & Assistant

Pottery is kiln fired (food safe!)

90 Minute Party : 1 hour art, ½ hour pizza & cake

Perfect for ALL ages


Canvas Painting Party

$320 or 12 guests (each additional $25) 

Custom themed painting, YOU pick! 

Professional Instruction & Assistant

11" x 14" Profile Canvas

90 Minute Party : 1 hour art, ½ hour pizza/cake

Perfect for ages 6+


Canvas Names Party

$340 or 10 guests (each additional $30) 

Each kids name of canvas + theme for painting

Professional Instruction & Assistant

10" x 20" Profile Canvas

90 Minute Party : 1 hour art, ½ hour pizza/cake

Perfect for ages 6+


Slime Party

$320 or 12 guests (each additional $27) 

Birthday boy/girl chooses 2 slimes to make

Professional Instruction & Assistant

Kids take home two (2x) 4oz slimes in containers

90 Minute Party : 1 hour slime, ½ hour pizza/cake

Perfect for ages 4+


Play with Clay Party

$350 or 12 guests (each additional $30) 

Kids get 1 pound school kiln clay to sculpt & paint

Professional Instruction & Assistant

Sculptures are then kiln fired and food safe

90 Minute Party : 1 hour art, ½ hour pizza/cake

Perfect for ages 4+

ADD (1x) SLIME MAKING PROJECT to any birthday party for an additional $10 per guest. Tell your Party Coordinator when discussing details

The ENTIRE Artsy studio and party may be upgraded to a 'private venue' (no outside visitors) for an additional fee of $300.00 

All deposits and sales are final, and artsy/yum does not offer any money-back refunds. You hereby recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund for any purchase under any circumstances of than inclement weather or illness reason. In the case of an illness or inclement weather, artsy/host will chose a new date for event, party or purchase. Any deposit or purchase can be applied towards artsy/yum credit. This credit may be used towards any purchase or event at artsy/yum. 

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